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What is the Executive Leadership Forum?

Committed to building stronger management communities by strengthening leaders to serve the common good, the Roland|Criss Executive Leadership Forum provides new ideas for business leadership. The Forum advances the careers of its participants and adds value to their organizations.

Who Participates in the Forum?

Among the participants in the Forum are CEOs, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, human resource executives and managers, generals counsel, and certified public accounting firms.

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Forum Focus

Best Practices and Risk Management

How do you cover all the bases in a compliance heavy role? The Executive Leadership Forum provides a unique opportunity for professionals that manage regulatory risk sensitive programs to engage with their peers in a confidential setting.

Discussion Groups Online

The Forum’s discussion groups are an excellent place to hear solutions from leaders in both the commercial and nonprofit sectors. Take a moment to review the Forum’s discussion group schedule.

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Experts and Resources

Members of the Executive Leadership Forum have access to solutions based podcasts that feature recognized experts in the related agenda topics.

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The Forum focuses on risk management and strategic business issues. Learn More